Directions to SONORA Restaurants



McDonald’s #32119

1261 Mono Way

Sonora, CA  95370


McDonald’s #25269

14895 Mono Way Ste A

Sonora, CA  95370-9269


If you know how to get on HWY 108 headed East out of Oakdale,

you can skip these first three sets of directions.


Coming from Turlock and points SOUTH (Livingston, Merced, etc.)

You goal is to get on GEER ROAD heading NORTH out of Turlock.

You can take the Golden State exit just south of Turlock and head into town.

Then turn right on GEER ROAD which is right in front of Albertsons.

You can also take the Monte Vista or Taylor Road exits and go east to GEER ROAD.

Take GEER ROAD north all the way to OAKDALE, CA.

It’s about 19 miles. Along the way the name will change to ALBERS ROAD.

When you get into downtown Oakdale, turn RIGHT on Hwy 108/120 towards Yosemite.


Coming from Stockton and points NORTH (Lodi, Sacramento, etc)

Your goal is to get on Highway 120 heading EAST towards Oakdale.

Depending on your location, you can take any one of the following routes from Highway 99.

* In Stockton, take MARIPOSA ROAD east to ESCALON BELOTTA Road, south to Hwy 120

* South of Stockton, take FRENCH CAMP ROAD east to Hwy 120

* In Manteca, take Hwy 120 East towards Escalon.

Stay on Hwy 120 and follow it into Oakdale.

When you get in the center of town, you’ll turn LEFT, heading EAST on Hwy 108/120 towards Yosemite.


Coming from Modesto and the Central Valley

There are many different ways to get on Hwy 108 to Oakdale.

It really doesn't matter which one you choose.


* From Ripon, take River Road to Santa Fe, then turn right into Riverbank and left on Hwy 108.

* From Salida, take Hwy 219 (Kiernan) east to McHenry. Turn left and follow Hwy 108.

* From Modesto, take McHenry NORTH and follow Hwy 108 towards Oakdale.

* From Ceres, take Mitchell Rd to Yosemite Blvd and turn right.

   Turn left on CLAUS RD and follow that all the way to Riverbank. Turn right on Hwy 108.


When you get to the main intersection in downtown Oakdale, go STRAIGHT, heading EAST on Hwy 108/120 towards Yosemite.




This is a winding mountain road at points, with some occasional passing lanes on the hills.

When you see the highway split for 120 to Yosemite, STAY on HWY 108.

When you pass through JAMESTOWN, you’ll know you’re almost there.


Once you get into Sonora, do NOT take the exit for Hwy 49 to Downtown Sonora. STAY on Hwy 108.


For SONORA1, travel 2.2 miles and take the Mono Way Exit [RTE 108 BUSINESS].

Turn left on MONO WAY and the store is on the other side of the freeway on your left.


For SONORA2, travel 4.5 miles past the Hwy 49 exit and turn right onto Peaceful Oak Rd.

Turn right on MONO WAY and the store is on your left.

It’s a CoBrand with AM/PM in the same center as Tractor Supply.



Last updated 12/19/13